June 30, 2022

Fireworks: When and Where?

To legally use your fireworks this 4th of July it is important to know the restrictions on when and where these are allowed.  Many of these restrictions are based on the current fire danger. See the county website homepage for local fire dangers.  Remember: Fire dangers are posted in the morning and weather conditions can change greatly by evening.  Always use good judgment and avoid using fires in high winds.

Hot Springs:

Within the City of Hot Springs fireworks will be allowed from July 2nd through July 4th (midnight) if the fire danger for the Black Hills is LOW or MODERATE.  For more information on what you can use within the City of Hot Springs see their ordinance page.


No fireworks within city limits.


No information at this time.


The County is divided into two areas: The Black Hills Fire Protection District which includes all lands north of the Cheyenne River and the Grasslands which is all the land south of the Cheyenne River.    Fireworks are never allowed in the Black Hills Fire Protection District.  Fireworks are allowed in the grassland area on private land if the fire danger for the Grasslands is LOW.  Fireworks are not allowed on federal lands (Black Hills National Forest, Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, etc.)

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