June 25, 2022

Offices: Working but Closed for Public Visits

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. – Effective Monday, March 30th, 2020, all Fall River County facilities will be closed to public visits.  This closure includes the Courthouse, Director of Equalization office, South Annex, Sheriff Office, Fall River County Jail, and Highway Department.  This closure will remain until lifted by the commissioners and will be reviewed at each commissioner meeting.  Information about closures will be posted to our website, fallriver.sdcounties.org, and our Facebook pages (Fall River County and Fall River Co Sheriff).

County employees will continue to work, and our services will be available via phone, email, mail, and online.  When face-to-face business is absolutely necessary appointments will be arranged.  It is our goal to continue business as usual while utilizing technology to limit in-person contact.

If you have business with a county office the first step is to call or email that office.  Employees will work with you to ensure that all your business can be completed.

Magistrate and Circuit Court: The courthouse will be accessible for scheduled court appearances.  Please access the courthouse from the front, ground floor door as usual.  Security will be held as usual with the addition of health checks as directed by the State Attorney General’s Office. If you have questions, please contact the Clerk of Courts at 605-745-5131

We apologize for any inconvenience created by this closure and appreciate the patience that everyone has shown in this time of uncertainty.

Contact for County Offices:

Auditor’s Office: (605) 745-5130 – [email protected]
(elections, voter registration, commissioner agenda, billing)

Clerk of Courts: (605) 745-5131 www.ujs.sd.gov (online payments)  [email protected]

Community Health Nurse: (605) 745-5135 – [email protected]

Director of Equalization (Assessor): (605) 745-5136 – [email protected]
(assessment value appeals, property tax reduction programs)

Dispatch (non-emergency): (605) 745-5155

Emergency Management: (605) 745-7562 – [email protected]

Extension Service: (605) 745-5133 – [email protected]

Geographical Information Systems: (605) 745-7584 – [email protected]
(Address assignment)

Highway Department: (605) 745-5137 – [email protected]

Register of Deeds: (605) 745-5139 – [email protected]
(marriage licenses, vital records: birth, marriage, death)

Sheriff’s Office: (605) 745-4444 – [email protected]

State’s Attorney: (605) 745-3866 –  [email protected]

Treasurer: (605) 745-5145 –  [email protected]
(License plates, payment of property tax, vehicle title transfers)

Veteran’s Officer: (605) 745-5146 – [email protected]

Weed & Pest Department: (605) 745-5047 – [email protected]

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