December 1, 2020

County Commissioners

   Joe Allen, 13013 Fall River Rd., Hot Springs, SD  57747 Phone: 605-745-1890
   Joe Falkenburg, PO Box 69, Edgemont, SD  57735  Phone: 605-459-2608   

   Heath Greenough, 29206 S Butte Rd., Oelrichs, SD  57763  Phone: 605-890-9488
   Paul Nabholz, 13161 Cougar Pass Rd, Hot Springs, SD  57747  Phone: 605-745-3749  [email protected]
   Deb Russell, 14130 E. Oral Rd., Oral, SD  57766  Phone: 605-424-2135


Joe Falkenburg- 2020 Chairman

Joe Falkenburg has been a resident of Fall River County since 1985.  Joe Falkenburg has served as a County Commissioner for several years.  Joe currently serves as the Chairman of the Fall River County Commissioners, is on the County Weed and Pest Board, the Extension Board and a member of the Indian Creek Grazing Association.

Joe is a Rancher in the Southwest corner of Fall River County.  He served 3 and a half years in the National Guard and has obtained a Bachelor’s of Science, a Masters and a PhD.

Joe has five children and numerous grandchildren.


Deb Russell- 2020 Vice Chair

Deb Russell- 2020 Vice- Chair has been a Fall River County resident since 1972 and has served as a county Commissioner for the several years.  Deb serves as Vice-Chair of the Fall River County Commissioners, is on the Black Hills Council of Local Government Advisory Board, and serves on the Prairie Hills Transit Board on behalf of Fall River.  In the past, Deb has served 15 years on the Hot Springs School Board and one year as president, on the Associated School Boards of South Dakota.  Deb has been awarded School Board member of the Year for South Dakota.

Deb is a retired farmer and formerly was a Foster Grandparent Program Coordinator.  Deb is a member of the Sandstone Singers and is involved with Prairie View United Methodist Church.

Deb lives with her husband, Gene, and has 4 children and 7 grandchildren.


Paul Nabholz

Paul Nabholz has been a resident of Fall River County since 1993.  Paul currently serves as the Chairman of the Fall River Republicans.  Paul is also the commission representative to the following boards: Custer/Fall River Regional Waste Management Board, Black Hills Council of Local Governments Board (6th District), and RC&D Board.

Paul is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Paul lives in his off grid home with his wife Debbie.  His daughter, Laura, works as a lab technician at Rapid City Regional and his son, Jon, serves our Country as an officer in the Navy.


Joe Allen

Joe Allen currently serves as the commission representative to: the L.E.P.C. Board and Juvenile Detention Board.

Biography under construction!

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