December 8, 2021

Planning & Zoning

Within the city of Hot Springs

contact City Hall for building permits and information

City of Hot Springs
303 N. River St.
Hto Springs, SD 57747

Within the City of Edgemont

contact City Hall for building permits and information

City of Edgemont
412 2nd Ave
Edgemont, SD 57735
[email protected]

Outside of, but adjacent to the city of Hot Springs or the city of Edgemont

If you are platting land that is adjacent to the city boundary or if you are platting a lot(s) that exist in a subdivision adjacent to the city boundary your plat must be approved by both the county commissioners and the city. (See South Dakota Codified Law: SDCL 11-3-6)

List of Subdivisions adjacent to Hot Springs:

  • Country Club Estates,
  • Pine Haven Subdivision,
  • Cascade Valley Development,
  • Cedar Hills Subdivision,
  • Cottage Grove Addn,
  • Cold Brook Subdivision,
  • Stoddard Addn,
  • Red Ridge Estates,
  • NewHouse Subdivision,
  • Swett Subdivision

Also, read the information below regarding building in the county.

Outside of Edgemont and Hot Springs

There is no planning and zoning. However there are items for which you as the landowners should be aware and responsible.

1.)   Building Permit: A permit is only required if your building lies within the flood plain (see #2 below).  However, South Dakota Codified Law does require that you report changes in your property to the Director of Equalization.  You can do this online, by phone (605-745-5136), or in person.  Changes that should be reported include: building a new structure, adding an addition, moving a mobile home from one location to another, demolishing a structure, or major damages caused to a structure (by fire, weather, etc) that will not be repaired within the year.

2.)   Flood Plain: A permit is required to build within the flood plain. To find out if your building site is within the flood plain contact the GIS department at: 605-745-5136 or [email protected] .

  • Providing a GPS point of your building location will speed this process.
  • If you do not have access to equipment to take a GPS point of your building site the GIS department can do this for you but this may take time if schedules are full.
  • If you find that you are within the flood plain and you wish to contest the location of the flood plain you have the option to file a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) with FEMA.

3.)     Septic Systems: Septic systems within the county must comply with State of South Dakota regulations. Contact the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, 1-800-438-3367, website.  For general plumbing information see

4.)    Addresses: 9-1-1 addresses are used by emergency responders (ambulance, fire, law enforcement) to quickly located properties. Contact the GIS department at: 605-745-7584 or [email protected] to receive an address. This process can take several days so please do not wait to the last moment.  (Addresses are often required by the telephone, utility, insurance, and construction companies before work can begin so get your address early.)

  • Addresses are needed for the following buildings: Inhabited dwellings (homes, cabins, mobile homes, hotels, etc), Commercial businesses,  Any building with a landline phone, A building with power that is not next to an addressed structure (a barn with power next to a home does not need a separate address unless it has its own landline phone number.)
  • Addresses are determined by where your driveway meets the 9-1-1 road, please do not move 9-1-1 signs, if your driveway location has changed your address may change as well.
  • If it is necessary to name a road before your address can be assigned please allow a month or more for the naming and addressing process.
  • Mail: After an address is assigned it is the responsibility of the owner to contact the local post office for information on mailbox placement.

5.)    Driveway Approach: If you driveway exits directly onto a county road it is necessary to obtain an approach easement from the county highway superintendent. Permits and specifications can be found on the Fall River County website under highway department.

6.)    Commercial/Ag Structures: If you are building a commercial structure with a value greater than $30,000 or an agricultural structure with a value greater than $10,000 please contact the Director of Equalization, 605-745-5136, as you will be eligible for the Commercial/Ag Discretionary which will give your building reduced taxes for the first 4 years. For more information on this program see the New Construction Tax Incentive on the Tax Assistance Program page.

7.)    Digging: Before digging remember to always call One Call for utility information. or call 811 (in state) or 800- 781-7474 (out of state)

8.)    Emergency Responders: Make sure your driveway can accommodate emergency vehicles like the ambulance and fire engines. Having adequate gate widths, driveway slope, and turning radius on cutbacks are all important to ensure timely response to your structure in the event of an emergency.

9.)    Plats: The county has two ordinances regarding plats Ordinance 2012-02 and Ordinance 2018-01. Other questions about platting property should be directed to the Register of Deeds, 605-745-5139 or [email protected].

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