June 16, 2024

State’s Attorney


The State’s Attorney is a position that is held by an elected official by the voters of each County. Our office serves both Fall River and Oglala Lakota Counties.

The State’s Attorney appears in Court for criminal, juvenile delinquent and abuse and neglect prosecution, as well as being legal representation for each County when the County is an interested party.

The State’s Attorney may also appoint a Deputy State’s Attorney to assist with handling caseloads and/or cases in which there is a conflict for the State’s Attorney.

Duties of the SA involve in-depth review of law enforcement reports, talking with witnesses and/or victims, watching videos and/or listening to audio evidence in order to decide what charges should be against an individual. The case is then taken through the court system until an agreement is reached or a jury trial is had.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions regarding the judicial process.

Thank you,

Lance S. Russell


The States Attorney, elected by the voters of each county, appears in all courts of the county to prosecute or defend on behalf of the state or county, all actions or proceedings, civil or criminal, in which the state or county is an interested party.

For list of court dates please check the Clerk of Courts page.

States Attorney:
Lance S. Russell
906 N. River St.
Hot Springs, SD  57747
Phone: (605) 745-3866
Fax:  (605) 745-3855
[email protected]



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