April 25, 2024


We have addressed some of the frequently asked questions, please follow the link: Reassessment Q & A

Fall River County Reassessment:

Fall River County is currently on a seven year rotation for reassessment. This means that an assessor visits a property at least every seven years. The county is only doing this so they can raise our taxes!  This is a common misconception. The purpose of a reassessment is to be sure every property owner is being assessed at a fair and equitable value.
There are two types of properties that are visited by the assessors each year:

1.  During the summer months the assessors visit properties belonging to the reassessment area for that year.  These are properties that may or may not have been visited since the last reassessment of that area.  The reason for visiting a property is to see what condition the structures are in (a property can become quite run-down in seven years) and also to see if there are any missed changes (new porches, old structures torn down, etc).

2. During the fall months the assessors visit properties that have known changes to them.  These include houses under construction, properties that have turned in building notification form (green form), properties that had structure fires, etc.

Download Powerpoint Presentation: What is an Assessment and How Does it Affect Me?

IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers) Information Sheets on Assessment and Taxing

Whether we like it or not, taxes are a fact of life. If we can agree to that, then isn’t is better to at least be paying our fair share? That is exactly what reassessment will accomplish…taxes are being charged out fairly and equitably.

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