January 18, 2019

Tax Notice 2019

Landowners in Fall River County should be receiving their tax notices in the mail this week (Jan 14th).   Taxes are due in two payments.  The first half is due by April 30th, the second half by October 31st.

If you do not receive your tax notice please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 605-745-5145.

Taxes can also be viewed online using either the County’s WebTax program or the online map.

Courthouse Closed – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The Fall River County Courthouse will be closed Monday, January 21st in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Regular hours will resume Tuesday, January 22nd.

Employment Opportunity: Jailer

Jailer/Correctional Officer: The Fall River County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications for correctional officers. Ideal applicants are those with good moral character, in good physical condition and who are interested in serving their community as a member of the Fall River County Sheriff’s Office Team.  Correctional officers, upon hire, undergo on-going training courses along with on-the-job training to prepare them to supervise inmates.

Starting wage: $12.50/hour. Shifts are day, evening and overnight, and include weekends and holidays. Benefits include paid health, vision and dental insurance; vacation, sick and personal leave and South Dakota State Retirement.  Applicant must be at least 18 year of age with high school diploma or GED.  Must have a valid SD drivers license and have no felony convictions. Applicants must pass a complete background investigation, interview process, and a drug screening test.  No experience required. Females encouraged to apply.  Submit Law Enforcement Applications to the Sheriff’s Office, 906 N. River St., Hot Springs, SD. Open until filled. [Full Position Description]


See employment page for law enforcement application.


Taxes: Who Pays Them and Where They Go

Below is a table of the taxable value by different class types from 2014 to 2019.  (Year given is the year taxes were due; this would be the year after the assessment of that property.) Years 2015 – 2017 show the effect of the residential reassessment throughout Fall River County.  2018 shows the result of the commercial reassessment.  Years 2015 through 2018 were also years that the State of South Dakota was increases the agricultural land values at rates of 10-25% a year.  There was no reassessment in Fall River County in 2019 so increases to classes in this year are due to growth (new buildings), area increases due to sales, or State Ag productivity increases (Ag land).


Below is a table showing taxes by different class types for the same range of years.  The percentage of taxes paid by each group is not the same as the percentage of taxable value for that group.  The reason for this is that different classes pay taxes at different mill levies.  For example the agricultural mill levy is lower than the non-agricultural mill levy so even if the Ag land value and the Commercial values were the same the commercial properties would still pay more in taxes.



Below are two charts showing the data from the above tables.  As taxable value increases on the first chart, taxes remain the same on the second.  This is due to the mill levy decreasing along with the assessment increases.








Mill levies have been decreasing every year since the reassessment began.  County, city, township, and other mill levies are budget driven and will decrease as assessment value increase so long as budgets remain the same. School mill levies are set by the State and are statewide. During the agricultural land increases in the years prior to 2019 the State was lowering those school mill levies. Below is a chart showing the mill levies for a sample of the taxing districts.


The first group of charts show who taxes are being collected from; this last chart shows where those taxes are going.  The ‘other’ category includes items such as: road districts, fire departments (rural), and library.



Courthouse Closed

Fall River County Courthouse is closed due to inclement weather. Regular hours will resume on January 2nd.