March 30, 2020

Offices: Working but Closed for Public Visits

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. – Effective Monday, March 30th, 2020, all Fall River County facilities will be closed to public visits.  This closure includes the Courthouse, Director of Equalization office, South Annex, Sheriff Office, Fall River County Jail, and Highway Department.  This closure will remain until lifted by the commissioners and will be reviewed at each commissioner meeting.  Information about closures will be posted to our website,, and our Facebook pages (Fall River County and Fall River Co Sheriff).

County employees will continue to work, and our services will be available via phone, email, mail, and online.  When face-to-face business is absolutely necessary appointments will be arranged.  It is our goal to continue business as usual while utilizing technology to limit in-person contact.

If you have business with a county office the first step is to call or email that office.  Employees will work with you to ensure that all your business can be completed.

Magistrate and Circuit Court: The courthouse will be accessible for scheduled court appearances.  Please access the courthouse from the front, ground floor door as usual.  Security will be held as usual with the addition of health checks as directed by the State Attorney General’s Office. If you have questions, please contact the Clerk of Courts at 605-745-5131

We apologize for any inconvenience created by this closure and appreciate the patience that everyone has shown in this time of uncertainty.

Contact for County Offices:

Auditor’s Office: (605) 745-5130 – [email protected]
(elections, voter registration, commissioner agenda, billing)

Clerk of Courts: (605) 745-5131 (online payments)  [email protected]

Community Health Nurse: (605) 745-5135 – [email protected]

Director of Equalization (Assessor): (605) 745-5136 – [email protected]
(assessment value appeals, property tax reduction programs)

Dispatch (non-emergency): (605) 745-5155

Emergency Management: (605) 745-7562 – [email protected]

Extension Service: (605) 745-5133 – [email protected]

Geographical Information Systems: (605) 745-7584 – [email protected]
(Address assignment)

Highway Department: (605) 745-5137 – [email protected]

Register of Deeds: (605) 745-5139 – [email protected]
(marriage licenses, vital records: birth, marriage, death)

Sheriff’s Office: (605) 745-4444 – [email protected]

State’s Attorney: (605) 745-3866 –  [email protected]

Treasurer: (605) 745-5145 –  [email protected]
(License plates, payment of property tax, vehicle title transfers)

Veteran’s Officer: (605) 745-5146 – [email protected]

Weed & Pest Department: (605) 745-5047 – [email protected]

Fraud Schemes Related to COVID-19

The FBI has issued a release on the increase in scammers attempting to use the COVID-19 crisis to steal your money and/or personal information.  The document link below lists the various schemes to be on the lookout for.


IMPORTANT PRESS RELEASE – Motor Vehicle Registration & Renewal

MV Press release

Please click on the link above to read the important press release about your motor vehicle registration & renewals. Help prevent the spread of COVID-19, please stay home. Call 605-745-5145 if you have any questions.

“No Change to Election Dates, Consider Absentee Voting”

The South Dakota Secretary of State has issued a press release in regards to inquiries concerning the postponement of elections due to COVID-19.

“State law does not allow for the rescheduling of these dates or the extension of election deadlines. At this time, all election dates and deadlines remain in place.”

They further stated, “We are encouraging voters to utilize South Dakota’s absentee voting process.”  You can contact the Auditor’s office at, 605-745-5130 or [email protected] for information on absentee voting in Fall River and Oglala Lakota Counties.

Click here for the full press release.

Courthouse – Open; But We’d Prefer You Call

After discussion at the Fall River County Commissioner Meeting yesterday it was decided that the Fall River County Courthouse will continue business as usual, mostly.  The Fall River County Jail has suspended inmate visitation. This is the only currently suspended service. The courthouse has put additional cleaning and disinfecting procedures in place to protect our employees, inmates, and the public.

Although we are not changing our hours of operation, we are asking the public’s help in easing the current situation. Many of our courthouse services are available online or through phone, email or regular mail.  We are asking the public to make use of these resources and not to physically visit the courthouse.

If you feel a visit is necessary please call first, it may be possible to have some items completed over the phone and have others ready for you when you arrive thus minimizing the amount of time you need to spend in the courthouse.

We hope to balance the need for social distancing with the need for continuing county services.

Below is a list of services available online or by phone.



To receive a new 911 address please call the GIS department at, 605-745-7584 or email: [email protected].  Be ready to provide a legal description of the property and location of the driveway or proposed driveway. Addresses can be assigned over the phone and signs are installed by the county highway department.


Assessment Appeal

Review Property: Call or email the Director of Equalization’s office, 605-745-5136 [email protected] , for options in having your property reviewed if you have issues with the assessed value.  Assessors can answer questions via the phone and send information and comparable sales for your property via email or regular mail.

File Appeal: Appeals for the Consolidated Board are due April 7th and can be mailed to:

Fall River County
Attn: DOE
1029 N River St
Hot Springs, SD 57747

Appeal forms are available here or can be emailed or mailed to you from the Director of Equalization’s Office, 605-745-5136, [email protected]


Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates

Obtain Record: You can call for vital records, Register of Deeds 605-745-5139


Commissioner Information/Agenda/Meeting Videos

Agenda items: If you would like to add any agenda items for discussion, please email – [email protected] or call the Auditor’s office @ 605-745-5130.

Meeting Information: Agendas and information packets for future meetings; minutes and videos of past meetings are available on the official Fall River County Website

If you have any issues accessing or navigating our website, please call us at 605-745-5130.


The Office of the State’s Attorney will be closed to the general public for in office meetings, but will be available by phone, 605-745-3866, and email [email protected] concerning ongoing cases or other matters that need to be brought to my attention.  Any criminal defendants with attorneys must go through their attorneys as the State’s Attorney office is not allowed to speak with defendants represented by attorneys.

The State’s Attorney cannot give legal advice to the public regarding private legal matters and the public is encouraged to speak to a private attorney about those matters.

All questions regarding court schedules and court appointed attorneys should be directed to the Clerk of Courts, 605-745-5131.


Land & Deed Research

The Registrar will conduct simple land and deed lookups as time allows. Please call the Register of Deeds at 605-745-5139 or email [email protected] to see if your research needs qualify as ‘simple’.


Owner Occupied

Owner-occupied forms can be mailed or emailed to you at your request and must be returned or postmarked by March 15. Call the Director of Equalization’s office, 605-745-5136 or email: [email protected] to begin the process.

Mail to:

Fall River County
Attn: DOE
1029 N River St
Hot Springs, SD 57747



Payment: Property Taxes can be paid over the phone with a credit card or payment can be sent by check through the mail. Contact the Treasurer’s office with any questions: 605-745-5145 or [email protected]

Look-up: Property taxes can be looked up online here.   Follow the step-by-step directions at the top of the screen exactly as the site can be a little touchy.  You can also contact the treasurer’s office at 605-745-5145 or [email protected]


Tax Freeze

Applications for the Elderly & Disabled Tax Freeze can be mailed to the Treasurer at:

Fall River County
Attn: Treasurer
906 N River St
Hot Springs, SD 57747

or emailed to [email protected]
or faxed to 605-745-3530



Title Transfer: Call the treasurer to find out the cost and where to fill out the information. Option 1: Mail-in paperwork and check. Option 2: Mail paperwork without check and the treasurer’s office can call when the mail arrives and take payment over the phone via credit card.  License plates will be mailed.

Registration Renewals: There are several options for registration renewals.

Online renewals are available through the State system: These must be done between 30-90 days before the registration expires.

There is a self-service terminal located in the Rapid City Rushmore Mall.

Via phone or email with the Treasurer’s office: 605-745-5145  [email protected]


Voting & Elections

Voter Registration & Absentee Voting:

The South Dakota Secretary of State’s website has downloadable Voter Registration forms and absentee application forms as well as information about petition questions and a portal to check the current status of voter registrations –

Those needing help to walk through these processes can call our office at 605-745-5130 or email [email protected]

Please mail voter registration forms and/or absentee ballot requests to:

Fall River County Auditor
906 N River St
Hot Springs, SD  57747


Candidates & Petitions:

Information can be found on the Secretary of State’s website:

Petition questions and/or assistance with petitions –

Call the Auditor’s office directly at 605-745-5130 or email [email protected]