February 23, 2018


All property owners in Oglala Lakota County should be receiving a preliminary assessment notice in the mail in mid-January. Please review your preliminary notice carefully and verify that we have all your information correct. If you would like to view more detailed information regarding your property or if there is a mistake that needs to be corrected please contact our office and ask to speak to an assessor.

Our assessors are more than happy to go over the data collected with you to ensure that everything is correct. This is especially important if you did not speak to an assessor this summer, either in person or on the phone.  If you did not receive the yellow ‘we missed you’ door hanger or if you did not get around to calling us back it’s not to late. Please call so that we can ensure our data is correct. Bad information leads to bad assessments.

The certified assessment notice for 2018 will be sent on March 1st. In order to meet this deadline, our office will need to address any concerns you may have before February 9th.  (February 9th is the deadline for you to contact our office.  If work becomes backlogged we may still be returning phone calls after that date.  If you contact us before February 9th we will get back to you before the certified notices are sent out on March 1st.)

Remember this preliminary notice is for the upcoming year’s values and is not connected to the tax bill you just received in the mail.  The certified assessment value you receive this March are the values you will be taxed on in January of 2019.

The links below provide additional information on:

Mon – Fri; 8:00am – 5:00pm

(It is best to call before 4:30 in order to have time for your questions to be answered. If the assessors are currently with other customers the clerk will ask you for a call back time, all requests will be answered in the order they arrive.)

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