July 3, 2022

Fires Still Possible

Don’t let the very damp summer Fall River County has had so far make you careless in regards to fire danger.  In the last five days there have been three grass fires.  A fire Thursday near Parker Peak between Hot Springs and Edgemont burned two acres.  There were two fires last night (Monday), one south of the feedlot totaling about 4 acres and one near Smithwick (size unknown).  All were believed to be caused by lightning but the important fact is that the grass is dry enough to burn. Remember the following fire wise tips:

  • Never park any vehicle on dry vegetation the heat from the exhaust can cause it to ignite.
  • Do not burn yard waste when the fire danger is HIGH , VERY HIGH or EXTREME.  Even if the fire danger is low, weather conditions can change quickly. Don’t burn in high winds or leave a pile unattended. It is also wise to burn in small batches.
  • Always dispose of cigarettes where they cannot be a source of ignition such as in a cup of water. Never throw a cigarette out a car window.
  • When doing work that might cause ignition such as mowing dry grass have water or a fire extinguisher handy.
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