July 3, 2022

Fires – June 29th

There have been four fire so far today in Fall River County.

The Mickelson Trail Fire northeast of the Chilson Bridge has been put out. This fire was less than an acre.

The Cedar Fire is burning north of the Wild Horse Sanctuary, crews are on scene.

The Rocky Fire is located a mile south of Highway 18 in Minnekahta Valley, crews are on scene.

There is a new fire between Indian Canyon Rd and Rocky Ford Rd, located on the north side of the Cheyenne River. Crews are on scene, some residence in the Indian Canyon Fire area are being told to prepare for possible evacuation.

UPDATE (6/30/2017 8:40am):  The Cedar and Rocky Fires have been contained.  The fire off Indian Canyon Rd has been named the Brady Fire and is now estimated at 95 acres, there are federal, state, and local crews on scene.

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