July 3, 2022

Legion Lake Fire – Update 12/14/2017

Update – 12/14/2017 The Custer County Sheriff’s Office announced that all evacuations and pre-evacuations in Custer County were lifted as of noon today.



The Legion Lake Fire has NOT spread into Fall River County.  There are currently no evacuation or pre-evacuation notices for anywhere in Fall River County.  We will update this website with evacuation information IF this should change.


What is a pre-evacuation notice?  Technically we should all be ready to evacuate at anytime; our emergency supply kit should be packed, our list of items to put in the car should be handy, we should already know the routes to safely exit our area, and our friends and family should already know the plan.  In reality most of us are not that prepared.  A pre-evacuation notice is a reminder to BE prepared, also a reminder to be paying attention to local news and conditions.   Below is a list of things that should be in your emergency supply kit:

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