June 28, 2022

CodeRED emergency alert system

Fall River County now has the CodeRED emergency alert system. This system will be used by Fall River County to send alerts to those in areas affected by events such as wildfire evacuations, flooding, or missing persons.

All Call Message

The county is starting with a database of phone numbers provided by CodeRED. So that people will know if their number has been included in the emergency alert system, Fall River County will be sending out a message to all the phone numbers in our database in the morning on Wednesday, April 10th.

Citizens who do not receive the message should be aware that their phone number is not in the database and that they will not receive emergency alerts unless they register. Even those who receive the message should still consider enrolling with CodeRED. The advantages of enrollment include deciding what type of messages a person wants to receive. (Weather alerts such as tornado and severe thunderstorms are only available to those who enroll.) It also allows individuals to choose how they want to receive those messages; audio, text, email, or TDD/TTY for those with hearing impediments.

Citizens who enroll can also add multiple locations for which to receive alerts. For example, if you live in Edgemont but your business is in Hot Springs you can sign up to receive alerts for both addresses. Or if you have an elderly relative living on their own you can sign up to receive emergency alerts that affect them.


To enroll in the CodeRED system click on the CodeRED logo on this page.

Those without internet can visit the Hot Springs or Edgemont Public Libraries for assistance. Enrollment allows a person to control what kind of alerts they receive, however, anyone who wants to have their number completely removed from the CodeRED systems so that they do not receive ANY emergency messages should contact, Stacey Martin, at 605-745-7584.

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