June 26, 2022

Caution: Verizon Telephone Scam has surfaced.

The Fall River County Sheriff’s Office has received notification from a few individuals that there is a new telephone scam happening in our area. The scammers are calling local Verizon customer’s numbers. The scammer identifies himself as “William Johnson”. They have left messages to call 888-373-3660. One customer called back and then contacted Verizon to verify validity, while on the call with Verizon, a charge showed up on their account that the customer did not initiate. Later, when called again the 888-373-3660 number was not in service. Be vigilant with your accounts, regardless of the perceived significance. Scammers will prey on you however they can. Please contact the Fall River County Sheriff @ 605-745-4444 to report any suspicious activity.

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