June 25, 2022

New Mill Levies Published

The mill levies for the 2020 taxes (payable in 2021) have been published.  For the eighth year in a row most tax districts have seen a reduction in the mill levy.  However, the reduction was smaller than it has been in recent years.

Tax District 39 (City of Edgemont) saw a 1% increase in their owner occupied mill levy and a 0.5% increase in non-owner occupied (which includes commercial). The increase was caused by an increase in the city’s portion of the mill levy.  Tax District 6 (City of Hot Springs) had 0% change to the owner occupied mill levy and a 0.3% decrease to the non-owner occupied.  This was an increase in the school mill and a decrease in the city, county and ambulance mills that canceled each other out.

For information on other tax districts please see the full list of mill levies below.

Full List of Mill Levies by Tax District

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