June 28, 2022

Tax Deed Auction – August 19th

Fall River County will be holding a tax deed auction on Thursday, August 19th, 2021 at 2pm at the Fall River County Courthouse. Bids will only be taken in person. Those wishing to bid must be present or send a representative to bid for them.  Winning bidders must be current on all their property taxes in Fall River County per SDCL 10-25-45.

Information is available on the properties included in this sale in the following documents. These have been grouped according to location of the property: Hot Springs, Edgemont, and those outside the incorporated areas.

Properties in the County (outside city limits)
Properties in Edgemont
Properties in Hot Springs

This auction is for a tax deed which is a quit claim deed.  If you are unfamiliar with quit claim deeds and the legal limitations of such, please do research prior to the auction or contact an attorney.  Fall River County employees cannot give legal advice.

The following payment can be accepted: cash, check, credit card transactions will have a 2.5% fee, debit cards will have a $2.50 fee. There will be an additional $30 fee to file the deed. This is not included in the auction price.



All delinquent taxes, penalties and interests are abated and are not the responsibility of the new owner of deed.

All special assessments, except for delinquent municipal special assessments (SDCL 10-25-12), are abated from the property. Only municipal special assessments, delinquent, current and future, stay with the property and are the responsibility of the new owner.  As per SDCL 10-25-12, the property is also subject to any claim that the state may have in the property for taxes, liens, or encumbrances.  It is presumed that existing federal liens remain against the property.   Any information or questions or negotiations on these liens need to be directed to the appropriate form of government, not the County.

The issuance of a tax deed pursuant to SDCL 10-25-12 appears to release all other liens of record against the property, not the person.  Examples are: county liens, mechanic liens, special assessments of all non-municipal governments, judgments and mortgages.

At the conclusion of this sale, Fall River County will issue and file a Quit Claim Deed to the property in the name requested by the purchaser. Fall River County makes no guarantee of absolute fee simple marketable title to the property.  It is recommended by the marketable title standards that the purchaser of a County quit claim deed pursue a QUIET TITLE ACTION in order to acquire marketable title to the property (SDCL Chapter 43-30, title standards 26-01 & 26-02).



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