May 31, 2016

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9-1-1 Address
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Current Road Names

Reference Tables for Online Map:
Land & Building Classes                                                 Update Schedule & Understanding Sales Updates


Paper Maps:

Administrative Districts: Fire Districts, Ambulance/School District
*School Districts are the same as ambulance districts

Ag Assessment: Soil Rating

City Block & Lot Map: Edgemont, Oral, Oelrichs, Provo, Hot Springs, Hot Springs Additions, Smithwick

County Roads: County Roads

Emergency: Flood Zones

Landowners: by township & range
*see note at bottom of page

Voting Precincts: Fall River Voting Precincts, Edgemont Voting Precincts, Hot Springs Voting Precincts



GIS is the acronym for Geographical Information Systems. The GIS office provides maps and related information to county offices, emergency services, and government agencies. This office also handles the assigning of 9-1-1 addresses in the county.


GIS Coordinator:
Stacey Martin
906 N. River St.
Hot Springs, SD 57747
(605) 745-7584

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