July 3, 2022

Taxes: Who Pays Them & Where They Go

Property owners in Fall River County received their tax bills in the mail this last week.  A number of people have asked questions regarding what portion of the tax burden certain classes of property are paying.  Below is a basic break-down of the 2015 (payable 2016) taxes.  These numbers are for the total taxes collected by the county. (Obviously those who don’t live in town don’t pay any tax to the cities.)  The actual percent of your tax that goes to each of these entities varies from tax district to tax district.  To find the exact percentage of your taxes going to each group please check out this earlier post.

Percentage of Total Taxes Paid By Property Class:

Agricultural  – 20%
Commercial – 13%
Residential (non-Ag) – 53%
Utility Companies – 14%


Where the Taxes Go:

School – 54%
County – 30%
Townships or Cities – 14%
Other – 3% (fire, ambulance)

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